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Word of Faith
Did you know that God has given every person a spiritual blue print to help build up his kingdom? 

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Ministry Matters


Word of Faith Deliverance Ministries is dedicated to building up the kingdom of God through helping people understand the importance of living the Word of God, loving the Word of God, and learning the Word of God.


We understand that many people have questions about how to live a christian life. So our ministry has courses that answer a range of questions about a number of topics. In addition, Pastor Peterson and Lady Peterson have selected every Tuesday evening to come down from the pulpit to simplify the word and provide practical applications to living a holy life.


Word of Faith Deliverance has seven divisions of ministry to help people develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 

  • Men's Ministry

  • Women's Ministry

  • Youth Ministry

  • Faith Ministry

  • Ministerial Affairs

  • Christian Development Ministry

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